Monday, December 3, 2018

Do Unto Others...

We anticipate Christmas morning enjoying time with our families with gifts under the tree but what about the others????  For a year and a half, I've driven Melissa to Gentry every month for her braces (which came off today)!  One day just outside of Centerton I saw what looked like some kind of weird compound.  All new houses built in a circle, the end building had a play area for small children.  Remembering Waco, I was a little nervous.  We talked about it and went on for several months, remarking when we'd pass.  One day we decided to turn and see exactly what it was when we saw the sign:
 New Beginnings
Talk about a lump in my throat, I was floored.  We live in the Walmart bubble how can there be SIX houses full of children without families less than 15 miles from my house?  We started with looking them up on the internet-you know you want to "feel good" and "think" about doing something but you just don't get it done????  Well today when I breezed past on our way home, I turned around and went back.  By the time I spoke to a third person my heart was positively aching.  I'm having my girls work at getting rid of some clutter and honestly, I stopped to see if they wanted stuffed animals but I'm drawn to do more.  When I asked the woman what their needs were, she didn't begin listing fancy things she said, "The basics-toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, diapers, pullups and wipes...."

So while you're out shopping for presents that someone doesn't really need and more food than you can possibly eat before it goes bad please think about the 36 kids who don't have a family this Christmas just a few miles down the road.  Consider giving that friend a note explaining how you purchased toilet paper or some cleaning supplies for these kids...these kids who can see as many as 9 different placements in any given year.  Let me know if you've got something for them, I'll be glad to meet you and get it delivered!! (Click on their logo above to visit their site and learn more about their mission.)

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