Thursday, April 14, 2011

Things I've learned from my kids...

Whoever said 'everything I needed to know I learned in kindergarten' was reallly wrong!  Even though I've been a mom for sixteen glorious years, not a single day goes by without my learning something new!  Today, I'll list my favorite three lessons!
1. Every day can be an adventure.  My sweet Jessica comes in every morning with an "I love you Mommy" coming from her lips followed by a what do we get to do today?  Embrace every day and enjoy every moment whether it is the math lesson, cleaning your room or playing with friends--there is a blessing just waiting to be discovered!
2.  Take some time to just absorb the unconditional love of those you love and who love you.  We're what you could call a cat family--each girl has her own cat.  Ziggey-the slasher belongs to Anna, Bandit-the fluffy cat belongs to Melissa and Pumpkin-the gentle giant belongs to Jessica.  Somehow in the craziness of our life, those cats KNOW who their girls are and they adore them.  Whether reading a book or watching a movie, it is so sweet to see a cat curled up in the arms of the girl who loves them.  When one of the girls is having a bad day and the tears stream down their faces--their cat brushes up to them to try and make their world a little better.  It would be a blessing to be a little more like those cats, full of love and expecting nothing in return.  Makes me hug my girls a little tighter!
 3.  You can learn something even when you don't know you're learning...being a homeschool mom, there are always three pairs of eyes who are watching and three sets of ears listening.  I must admit, there are a few things I have not been proud to hear repeated by the girls but for the most part what I hear makes me oh so proud!  Something happened one day at gym--Melissa took the higher road and was incredible in handling a situation.  When I complimented her, she said well Mom you do the right thing all the time like the other day...and she reminded me of something I had done without being aware that she was watching and learning.  We as parents are blessed with the opportunity to influence who our children become.  It isn't the lectures or time we spend explaing how they should act and's the way we behave in our lives that provides a tangible living example and that my friends is what your children will become.

Take a look today--
  • are you embracing your day?  When your child wants you to come outside to see the dandelions, do you go or are you too busy?
  • are you giving and receiving all the unconditional love you can?  Take a few moments to read a book or just snuggle close and enjoy the love.
  • are you living what you want your kids to learn?  The good moments and the bad are full of opportunity!  Did you blow up and lose your temper?  Take a minute and talk to your child about it--explain why it happened and what you could have done differently.  Admit that as a parent sometimes we make mistakes...just like our kids do--we work through it and learn from it.
Most of all, enjoy every crazy blessed moment you are given!