Thursday, December 19, 2013

Today, I almost forgot...

Today, I almost forgot how Crazy Blessed I am.
Today, I almost forgot how Crazy Blessed I am.

Can you believe that?  Me who is always reminding you to find the positive and who encourages you to look for the good in your lives.  I almost forgot how Crazy Blessed I am!!

The snow that fell a little over a week ago must have had something in it that threw some "bad juju" our way.  I'm going to go all the way back to December 13th when the cashier rang up my purchase and I noticed too late she had overcharged me by $20.  Of course I noticed after I had joked with her about my discount amount which was $6.66 and it being Friday the 13th and all.  She asked if I really believed in that stuff and I said of course's been downhill ever since.

I'm not going to bore you with all the mundane things that have happened in the last week and a half because I had a strange epiphany in that same Walmart store today.  Two people were in place to totally change my attitude for the better!

Person number one-I was standing in line at the dreaded service desk to return the smashed gingerbread house (don't even ask because the incident literally made my blood boil last week).  I was standing in the outrageously long line to get my $8.97 back when I saw a familiar face head in the door.  I whistled to get her attention and she smiled and cheerily came to say hello.  Immediately she said, "I'm going to hug you because you're one of my favorite."  Wow-this woman is special to me because Anna was her very first violin student and she used to come to my house weekly to provide instruction.  I've watched her grow, raising her own daughter and now a son and to realize she thinks good things of me just made me step back and think WOW!!!  We enjoyed a quick visit then she was on her way.  I was immediately thankful for the ability to stand in a return line...remembering I'm crazy blessed.

I finished my return and the elderly door greeter offered me a cart, I gave him my best smile and took one because you never know what you might find.  I made my way back to the photo lab where there was joyfully no line!!  The girls began looking for my pictures which were ready yesterday, one remembered seeing a garden pic just this morning.  But alas they were nowhere to be found, I smiled and said you reprint them and I'll do my other shopping.  There is where I ran into...

Person number two-I've known her even longer than person one.  This lovely lady blessed me many years ago when I was a new resident in the area simply by her kind personality and warm welcome to her church.  Through the years we've bumped into each other at the store or some event with our kids she is always quick with a smile on her face.  Just yesterday on Facebook,  she was expressing how blessed she was to be able to serve benevolence at FUMC Bentonville, encouraging people to remember to share and what a difference it makes in the lives of others.  We exchanged some small talk then she asked about my friend who has had a missing daughter for 14 long months...they are still waiting for the final word about remains that were found earlier this week...then my friend said, we are so-so blessed.  I was immediately thankful that my daughters were at home, maybe arguing about what movie to watch but they were home and safe....I am crazy blessed.

As you go about the next six days and packages are late, gifts are wrong, lines are long please take a moment to just step back and count your blessings.  I am confident you will find that you too are crazy blessed and your cup will overflow with joy instead of allowing your frustration to consume you.  A huge, huge Merry Christmas to each of you because you all are one of my many crazy blessings!!!