Tuesday, July 10, 2018

For you

Last fall I was crazy blessed to get to hear Nadia Bolz-Weber then to have her personally sign one of my books for me.  I patiently waited in the line then like a giddy school girl made my way to one of the reception tables while I came back to earth.  As I sat there, I spied a woman across the room sitting on a couch surrounded by some folks who obviously thought the world of her.  I shamelessly went to get more water just so I could peek at the button she was wearing.  It said boldly, "FREE MOM HUGS!" I went back to my table and worked on my courage to approach her.  I had no idea that she would become a daily influence in my life.

Sara is a driving force behind the FREE MOM HUGS movement for LGBTQ kids who need a hug.  She goes to all kinds of places and actively advocates for these kids!  She lives her passion, daily.  I admire and respect her while I have only met her once.  Today she posted the following with a  picture of beautiful "rainbow" adorned folks:
A word on the importance of a support group. Years ago when I first found a private online FB group for moms with LGBTQ kids a young mother entered the group with "I just found out my child is gay. I don't know how to pray anymore, I don't know how to breathe." 250 moms chime in saying "THEN DON'T. YOU LET US PRAY, YOU LET US BREATHE FOR YOU." Find your tribe. Let them pour into and lift you up until you find your wings.
You let us pray, you let us breathe for you.  

That sums up the life of Christ in a simple and pure way; doing for and serving one another.  I often tell friends and family members that I will pray for them.  It's not cliche or something said lightly, I pray.  Sometimes in my comfy chair or my couch and others in the shower, on my knees or driving down the road.  Most of the time when I'm quiet I'm talking to God or waiting for His word or direction.  When I ask you to pray for me, I expect that you'll find your sacred place and cry out to God on my behalf

There was a popular christian song many years ago, "Love in any Language" and it so applies today.  Love in any language, love in any color, love in any neighborhood, love in any place we inhabit.  It's so important that we mingle in and amongst the masses-the least, the last, the lost, the confused, the drunk, the abusers, the cheaters, the liars whomever they may be and show love and service for when they look at us it's not our faces they'll see but the love that He lived.  Love and service should be the real mark of the followers of Christ, not just a cross remembering where he died.  People flocked to Jesus, not for the cross on his neck or embroidered on his clothing it was for the easy way he spoke in stories and parables of acceptance, love and forgiveness.  Every day of mine ends with the prayer, "Lord help me to do a better job tomorrow being your hands and feet.  AMEN"  Sara C. you're an inspiration.  From now on when someone asks me to pray, exhausted or overwhelmed with more than they can bear alone, I will whole hardheartedly say,  "you heal, you seek your shalom and I will pray for you, I will breathe for you until you find your wings."  Beautiful, my heart feels full.  Shalom