Monday, April 29, 2024

...where the wind comes sweeping down the plains!

 March 4th, I excitedly posted my Week 1 Pantone Color Challenge complete with some beautiful sunsets as my inspiration.  I quickly obtained the perfect peach fuzz tone fabric and put it on the back project shelf.  That shelf is kind of like a doomsday sentence because I got caught up in some other projects because the end of April was practically two months away.  Ha!  Suddenly I was caught up in the "I've got to get this done" panic because I knew I was headed out of town for the weekend.  Here is my official entry for the 2024 Challenge!

Let me share a little about my inspiration.  It's much deeper than just a picture, it's a core memory.  I grew up in western Oklahoma where it felt like you could see forever.  As an adult, my favorite view we referred to as Minco Hill (just south of Minco but before Pocassett), it takes my breath away every single time! My Dad taught me to drive that road when we'd head to visit my grandparents in Verden.  Later, my parents came to own the farm where my great-grandparents had lived and it included the old windmill. The view, the sunsets, the windmill-I knew these had to be represented. When I saw this picture on Facebook, shared by Gina Menzi Blakemore on the "Keep the Lights On-Save the Family Dairy" page, I knew I had found the perfect sky for my jacket! 

While I was in Oklahoma this weekend, I took a few minutes to stop by and visit with my Dad at his memorial bench at Theta Pond on the Oklahoma State University Campus.  I'm pretty sure he really would have liked this jacket!  My jacket back measures 24 X 16 and I'm calling it "Where the Wind Comes Sweeping Down the Plains".  I used a method I learned in a Shannon Brinkley Workshop.  I quilted using an Edge to Edge wheat design from Prostitcher.  I used a windmill embroidery from Grand Slam Designs. Thank you Sarah and Elizabeth for hosting this challenge and encouraging me create a special memory to wear!!