Monday, August 1, 2011

Mama's treasures...

Mama always used to tell me, "You have to stand for something or you'll fall for anything."  Now read that one more time...what do you stand for...more importantly, what do you fall for because you failed to take a stand?

These days, (like for the last 16 years) I'm a Mom, a stay-at-home Mom, a Homeschool Mom.  That means my husband and I have taken full responsibility, yes 100% responsibility for the education our children and for preparing them for the big, scarey world out there.  I've got the document to prove it, each year the state of Arkansas makes me sign a disclaimer saying that we assume ALL responsibility for our children.  So with the English, Math, History, Science and extra-curricular activities what is the most important subject I teach?  I call it the "spine" of education; standing for something but what is something and how do you teach an abstract concept?

I strive to define 'something' but it changes depending on the person and their age.  Let's start with Jessica, sweet Jessica only six adorable years old and my #3 Angel Girl.  So innocent, so caring and giving--I truly believe we could all learn what 'something' is from her.  You see, Jessica does her book studies but has plenty of time for the important things like taking naps, loving her stuffed animals-Miss Kitty and Cocoa even though their fur has began to rub away, eating the food she loves while humming (yes, when Jess really enjoys a food she hums without even realizing it), running and playing outside until she is on the verge of collapse.  So far there's not a lot I can teach her about standing for the elusive something, she does a fine job.  When did we quit embracing ourselves, allowing 'something' to rule instead of the ideals of others?

Let's move on to someone a little more worldly...Melissa, Angel Girl #2 who at nine is wise and sage, so she thinks!  Oh precious angel, the things your little soul thinks are wisdom are influences...sometimes not the right ones.  I work hard to encourage you to think for yourself, make your own decisions about clothing, toys, hair and how you treat people.  Somedays, I still see that sweet, innocent child just waiting to be filled, truly being reliant on something...others the worldly, willful, unsure girl longing to fly on her own struggling as she falls for someone elses something.  For you dear one, I pray that the something we strive for, the confidence, the morals, the way you treat others to be strong and prevail.  Stay sweet, and always remember the words you use, the mannerisims you display can make or break someones day.  Be the something that makes others want to be more like you.

Angel Girl Anna
Those of you who know her can see she is 100% Anna and true to herself every moment of life.  She is strong, confident, well spoken and willing to go that extra mile for those in need.  She has that something and as a Mom, I'm not sure how she got it.  Since she was small, I have sprinkled not with water but with little morsels of wisdom.  Little things that seem so simple and not important when viewed alone but add up to something significant when you stack them all together.  Funny thing is, it is difficult to pinpoint which of those sprinklings could have made the difference in her having something to stand for; I think each and everyone was vital in her becoming the confident Anna who stands for something.  I love the young woman she has become; when I pick her up from class, a 4-H meeting or simply hanging out with friends, she extends her hand anticipating that I will place mine in hers then begins the babble...sharing with me the important things that have happened.  I treasure her in turn sprinkling me :)  I hope one day when I am old, she will visit and continue to hold my hand as she shares her life with me.

So in essence I guess it's the sprinkles that = something!  In the world, God holds the watering can--through Jesus' life, Bible stories and prayer/meditation, He sprinkles us with the bits and pieces that allow us to have something worth standing for.  I hope and pray that as I sprinkle Melissa and Jessica they will develop that something as they grow.  What are you sprinkling on your kids?  Are they growing strong 'spines' to stand for the something you believe in?

I have some friends that are adults and still sway from this persons ideals to that person...but never fear!!!  Even if you're grown it isn't too late!!  Do you find yourself easily swayed, angry at yourself when you realize once again you have hurt somone or done something you wish you hadn't?  Are you striving to find yourself and the something you stand for?  Take some time right now to make a list of things you believe in, things you want for yourself or your family.   Google is full of wonderful quotation links so find some that go with your beliefs then print them out!  Put them on your mirror, your fridge, your rear view mirror and your computer monitor.  Sprinkle yourself!!!  Soon you will begin to see you are able to stand for the something that means the most to you!!

Every day we are given is a gift, how we choose to use it is our gift to others.  Will we be swayed to others desires or will we grow from the sprinkles and embrace every Crazy Blessed moment and stand for something?  I know what I'll about you?

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