Friday, October 28, 2011

Roots & Wings...

"To our children we give two things, one is roots the other is wings."

I know this will come as a HUGE surprise but the other day I was visiting with my Mom and we were talking about Anna.  She was commenting about how she loves hearing about all the things I encourage Anna to do for herself rather than do for her.  Now I don't want to sound like I'm just bragging on my girl (although that is really easy to do) what I really want to do is convey the difference between roots in a five-gallon bucket and roots in good earth.

You might be wondering what is the difference...we all know the advantages of a five-gallon bucket you can use really good soil, take good care of the tree then bring it in during the harsh winds and blustery winters; really protrect it from all the things that could bring it harm.  If the tree is planted in the earth, it is subject to all the elements and you can't really protect it.  Ahhhh, exactly....our kids are with us today but they'll be gone tomorrow.  If we protect them by keeping them out of the wind and snow, their growth will be stunted. 

  • Planted in the earth, they will grow deep roots that can tap into deep waters and nutrients. 
  • Planted in the earth, they will learn to bend but not break in the harsh winds. 
  • Planted in the earth, they will learn that through the bitter winter comes the joy of spring.

Anna has given away saplings the last three years, we have planted them both ways and by far, the saplings that have truly thrived have been the ones planted straight into the earth allowing them to develop strong roots.  Their branches will soon produce fruit that will be capable of taking flight and allowing another tree to begin.  Wow!  That's exactly what I want for my kids to grow strong and be prepared for life beyond the protection of Mom and Dad so someday they can be parents who plant seeds with strong roots, too!

I know it's hard to see our kids going through the muck that life can throw at it but I encourage you to help them get through it without "bringing them inside."  If you don't plant them in the earth, before you know it, the time will come for them to be transplanted without the strong roots needed to see them through. 

Remember, the lyrics from my favorite song...
"I'm crazy blessed and oh so lucky to be the place you go when need a kiss oh don't be afraid for what you have is ME!"  We'll always be here to dust them off, give them a kiss and send them right back out there to soar above the crowd!

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  1. Beautifully written and so wise. Your girls are crazy blessed to have you for a Mom. Thanks for the reminder to let my kids establish roots.