Thursday, May 9, 2013


I haven't had
a chance to sleep,
and when I wake,
I wake with your dreams,
I guess my pillow
holds some kind of key
to your peace...
your peace.
That crazy day back in February 1994 when I went to the Weatherford, Oklahoma planned parenthood in the basement of some building to take a pregnancy test, I had no idea what I was in for!!!  Back then, pregnancy tests weren't a dime a dozen at your local retailer-they were $25 or $30 or a trip to the doctor which was even more.  Being a young wife (married a year and a half), I didn't want to spend those precious extra dollars and was so thankful there was someplace I could go for a free test. 
May and Mother's Day came and went with the usual card to my Mom and Teds...I didn't think much about the baby growing inside me and the significance Mother's Day would come to hold.  You see, being a Mom is a full time job, one that you never get a vacation from.  Sure, you can go away for a weekend or have a Mom's Night Out with your friends but you never cease doing your job-you are constantly thinking of, praying for, anticipating the future of your children.  From the moment you know they're on their way until the moment you take your final breath-you are on duty.

Mother's Day-a day to celebrate Mother's.  Simple, right?  I celebrate my Mother, Mother-in-Law but also my daughters for without them, I wouldn't be a mother and more importantly, I want them to grow up into women that are wonderful Mother's.  So, beginning way back when Anna was a little tot, I bought her a Mother's Day gift-a book and wrote and inscription on the inside font cover.  I wish I could say I have been faithful and done so every year--it hasn't been every year but several--I have purchased books for all three and written to them.  My thought is one day, when they are Mother's they will hold their children and read these books to them.  They will read the inscription and it will bring back memories of a childhood and a Mother who truly was crazy blessed and loved every moment she was on duty!!

I would encourage you if you still have children at home to go buy a book, write a few words, share a memory and express your love for them and give it to them this Mother's Day.  Books have become a special treasure for our girls.  Make sure every time you give them a special book take that minute to write inside of it what the occasion is, it will become a treasured keepsake! (ssshhhh...don't tell Anna but this picture is the book that is on it's way to her for Mother's Day 2013 because she is my hand holder!!  Because darlin' Angel girl, no matter how far away you are I will always hold you in my heart!!)    If you scroll down to the bottom, you'll find the video, you should be able to view on mobile devices, YouTube wouldn't allow it on mobile.  Just some random pictures of my three Angel girls to the song "Me" by Plumb!

I wouldn't trade your love for all the candy
in this great big world
I feel so crazy blessed and oh so lucky
To be the place you go
when you need to feel safe..
When you need a kiss


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