Monday, May 9, 2016

Hiding from the kids....

Mother's Day-a day to celebrate my Mom and a day to be celebrated by my kids.  For me, Mother's Day isn't about one day a year-it's about all 365 days.  Being a mom, I know first hand the hard work, dedication, lack of sleep, selflessness, etc. that being a mom is all about!  In our family on Mother's Day (and Father's Day) there is the normal exchange of cards, a special meal but that's about it.  This year, I splurged and commissioned a painting of our daughters, each between the ages of 3 and 4 dressed as their favorite Disney Princess. I've never done anything so "selfish" before but I'm so glad I did!  I absolutely love this piece and will treasure it forever!  The artist Dana Helms really did a great job capturing each girl and her personality!  Now that I've shamelessly bragged about my awesome gift to myself let's get back to those other 364 days.

Twas the night before Mother's Day when all through the house
 the children were arguing and fighting like siblings-the louse!
Mom was frustrated and ready to flea
 when she remembered Captain America they wanted to see!
Mom suggested to Dad that he be a great hero, saving the day
 and take the children on Sunday to the matinee!

I know that kind of defeats the point of Mother's Day to ask your husband to empty the house but try to see things from my perspective. I am only a housewife but a twist on the breed because I also homeschool the kids so time alone in my home, my sanctuary rarely occurs.  It doesn't take all 10 fingers to count the times I've been alone at home.  A few short hours with no noise-no music-no arguing-no nothing.  So I read, blogged, slept and caught up with my DVR.

From the movie they came bubbling into the house.  I was refreshed and so glad they were back once again!  Handsome was hungry so I suggested Shogun, my least favorite but the kids LOVE it and I enjoy watching their delight, kind of my gift to them on this day.  College Girl drove up and joined in the fun and I enjoyed watching their smiles and hearing their laughter last night.  My heart was full and I felt crazy blessed!  As I fell into bed ready to sleep I took a peek at Facebook and read the status of a dear friend.  It started like this,

"I don't want a day without my kids.
I don't want a day where they "leave me alone."
I don't want to celebrate the most important job I've ever been blessed with 
laying in bed alone watching tv.
I want to be surrounded by them!!!"

And just like that I felt like dirt.  

For about ten seconds.

Then I remembered my day had been full and so was my heart, the happy you only get from being crazy blessed!  Breakfast had been lovingly cooked by my kids, homemade cards filled with adoring words, church reflecting on the prayers of our moms, "meals on wheels" lunch at my parents-steaks grilled to perfection and strawberries from her garden.  (I have to throw in I feel so crazy blessed to have my parents three doors away and I can celebrate them each and every day!!)  We are moms. Crazy Blessed and somedays just cRaZy!!!  We deserve to be celebrated; we deserve to be celebrated the way we choose!  No two moms walk the same path and that is perfectly okay!  So next year on Mother's Day when I send my kids away for a few hours I will do it knowing that sometimes the best gift is nothing-the gift of a few hours alone.

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