Thursday, February 1, 2018

Your assignment...

"When I look at who I am, I have to look at who you are.   
If you are hurting, I am hurting.  
We are community."
~D. Martin

Facebook sometimes a faithful friend, sometimes a nemesis.  A few weeks ago I saw a post when it was bitterly cold showing pictures of a homeless camp right here in Bentonville! This is the text accompanying the pictures:

Today I am feeling disgust , anger, sadness and fed up. Friends in Bentonville we must demand a change in our community! We have an awesome Salvation Army on I st. Did you know that it must be below 29 degrees for the shelter to open during the day?! Did you know it must be below 34 degrees for the shelter to open the overflow for anyone to stay?! Did you know WE don't have a day shelter in BENTONVILLE?! Did you know the closest bus stop to the shelter is 1.3 miles?! Did you know I have an awesome 78 yr old MOM ?! My mom has two homeless boys she has devoted her life to over the past couple of years. My mom can hardly access our mental health system to get what these boys need. My mom has the flu but took in one of her boys for a few days while he got over a chest cold. She had 4 meetings scheduled for them this week trying to fight for disability, housing and mental health. One lived with her for a year and she fought to get the system to assist him during that time. Craziness!!! Bentonville friends we need a day shelter with mental health and housing social workers. We are a community that is ignoring what people need if they are to be productive! I have attached photos of a BENTONVILLE homeless camp. 

It quickly went viral and soon there was a group wanting to know what they could do.  The woman who posted and a few of her friends set up an event to better inform and collect some supplies for the homeless. I was one of the horrified community members who eagerly attended and listened.  I was shocked to learn that so far in this school year over 500 Bentonville kids have experienced homelessness at some point.  I heard stories about actual families who have gone from having homes to being homeless.  I learned about kids and families who "couch hop" sleeping in homes of friends and acquaintances to get by. I was almost overwhelmed thinking there was nothing I could do to help these people and feeling a bit guilty that I didn't feel a huge tug to get in there and work to conquer the homeless situation.  

Debbie, from Havenwood spoke first and last, in her closing she shared a saying she'd heard, "God gives you two things that are unique to you and that no one can take from you.  He gives you your name and your assignment.  Each one is different and unique and no one can do the assignment the way it was designed but you."  She closed by encouraging us to find our assignment regardless of where it is and do it to the best of our ability.

Finding my assignment, well here I am at 48 and other than being a wife and mom I'm not really sure what my assignment is yet.  I took a course on becoming a death doula, while it was great and I'm very encouraged by the work they do, at this point in my life I'm not emotionally capable. I've volunteered in a variety of areas in our community and felt fulfilled but not really passionate.  What is wrong with me?

Before Christmas I ran across something, again in my Facebook newsfeed, I saw this ad:
I went to the site and read about it and promptly went on about my day.  Later it was there in my newsfeed again.  I visited Google and Amazon reading reviews and felt led to buy a copy for me and one for my oldest daughter.  A few weeks ago, I set out to begin the adventure of finding my Wonder Life and I couldn't do it alone.  I noticed that they have online support communities and strongly encourage in person groups so I searched for one here in my town because I really wanted a personal connection.

For some reason I felt led to share a link to this book with a friend.  You know what?  She BOUGHT a copy!  She's going to share it with the ladies at our church so we can have our own little "wonder group!"  I'm really excited and looking forward to finding my crazy blessed assignment!!

"If we all gave people access to our excess, together we could make a huge difference in the world." J. Bachmayer

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