Friday, September 2, 2011

God Can Change His Plans...???

Five simple words uttered by my sweet angel #1 when we were discussing a recent tragedy.  If she had only ________ maybe she would have lived.  But what about you dying when it is really your time and not a minute before would that one action have made a difference if it was your time?  Would God really change his mind?  What about those we love who are sick?  Will God let them stay a little longer if only we...

I was raised in the Methodist Church, we're raising our children in the Methodist Church but I still don't have the answer.  If God doesn't change His mind then why are we praying?  If He does change His mind, what prayer is the most effective or is it not the prayer but the desire in your heart or perhaps the number of people praying...

...then creeps in the thoughts of those friends who we have gone or are preparing to go...they have hurt, suffered, it fair to pray for them to stay and prolong the agony? 

"Father let THY will be done"...I believe that is the real answer here.  We love our kids, try to raise them right and send them out into the world.  But in the end, it really is HIS will, not ours. 

Some days are a struggle and I don't really have the answers my kids are looking for...I am simply crazy blessed to have you along with me for this journey and maybe you can give me some advice along the way.

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