Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I *LIKE* that!

When my folks moved here back in December 2012, I had the bright idea that Facebook would be a fabulous idea for Mom.  She would be able to see pictures, status updates, etc. from her friends and family living in Oklahoma and beyond!  Once she got the swing of it, because face it we all have to re-get it every time Facebook has an update, she was liking and commenting along with the rest of us.

I've never really given much thought to the *like* button until this morning when I saw a comment on a picture, "Because I'm on a "like" button fast. I wanted to let you know I like this and appreciate your daily words of scripture and mini sermons. Have a blessed day..."  

Those simple words got me to thinking about how we have become defined by *like* on Facebook.  I know the other day when I posted two videos-one of Melissa and one of Jessica, they both cheered over every like and when one would get ahead look out!  But seriously what do those likes mean?  Is one child really *liked* more than the other or did one just show up in a newsfeed when the other didn't or perhaps someone was distracted or just didn't scroll that far.

Being an occasional blogger, *like* is something I really worry about.  It is so disheartening when I pour my heart and soul into a blog entry and get no likes.  I often wonder does no one read my blog then I look at my stats and know it's being viewed if not actually read so perhaps my blog is really bad and that is why no one likes it.

Do we realize the damage that can so easily be done by the *like* button or lack of clicking it?  Why have we allowed ourselves to become judged by whether people *like* us or not.   Perhaps we need to do away with the instant gratification of the *like* button and instead slow down and take the extra few seconds of effort to write a genuine comment showing a person they are worth our time.

I'd like to challenge you to join me on a *like* fast for a week, who knows we might even *like* it so much we decide to keep it up even longer!  

PS Mom please do not join this like fast-you are probably the only person I know on Facebook who has lots of love, thought and prayer in every single click of the *like* button so LIKE on!!!

PPS To the "stranger" who posted the comment above, I feel like I know you because we have so many friends in common-perhaps one day our paths will cross.  Bless you for being my inspiration today!!

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