Sunday, August 7, 2016

Don't mend fences!

When you turn something over to God,  you have to remember to let it go.
Once upon a time I had a friend we laughed together, worshiped together,    prayed for one another and our daughters who are the same age were good friends who enjoyed playing together and having sleepovers.  I'm not sure exactly how or when things started going wrong but they did. Some how I morphed into her enemy.   I honestly felt no ill but I felt the pain of rejection as she started avoiding me and looked very uncomfortable when we had to be in the same place; eventually it led to her sharing an obscene gesture directed at me when I waved.  A few weeks later she was spewing vile things in a private email to me.  Other than my husband,  I only shared it with two people as I sought counsel from earthly advice.  I was devastated.   I cried,  I didn't respond to her message because I felt nothing could be solved by an email.
So I gave it to God and I moved on.

I let God have it and I healed.  I let God have it and I healed. 

I'm a believer in the power of prayer.   I have a list that I pray for almost every day (I'm crazy blessed and human sometimes I do miss a day).  Some have been on my list for years,  others are there when they have a specific need.  This friend has been there since before things went awry because I'm that friend who prays for you.   Today I saw her.   My heart leapt because I thought perhaps she had the same healing and we could begin again.   The minister shared an incredible message on how "Jesus reaches across lines to shatter boundaries; Jesus moves fences."  As I listened I thanked God that she had returned,  I thanked Him for working on my heart that I could smile and rejoice.  Today unfortunately was not the day for reconciliation but maybe her fence has come down a little bit,  Today perhaps her heart is beginning to heal.  A wise friend reminded me that fences take time to build and time to come down.

Here I am at the end of the day,  filled with hope that God in the way only He can do will give her healing.   Whatever I have done to hurt her (real or imagined) God knows.  I have submitted to Him and He has given me peace, healing and forgiveness.   My prayer is that soon she too can be crazy blessed by letting go.   Life is too short to have strong  fences, let Jesus help you get rid of them, don't keep mending them!

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