Tuesday, October 11, 2016

We the People

I know this is a copy of the
Declaration of Independence
not the Constitution
but it hangs proudly in our home.
This particular copy is 140 years old
and was a printed business advertisement
from 1876.  To me it is a symbol of
integrity and freedom.
The real loser in this election will not be the one who doesn't become president of the United States,  the real loser is 
"we the people."

I'm 46 years old.  The very first presidential election I can remember was in 1976, Gerald Ford-incumbent ran against a little known former governor from Georgia, Jimmy Carter.  I had Mrs. Schultz as my teacher in Weatherford, Oklahoma where she was determined to teach her first graders about the election process.  We studied both candidates, I vividly recall that Jimmy Carter liked jelly beans and peanuts!  We were supposed to "register" as either Republican or Democrat and Mrs. Schultz told us to go home and ask our parents how we should register.  That night at the dinner table I asked my parents what we were, they took a long and serious look at one another before my Mom finally answered,

"Dana it doesn't really matter whether we are Republican or Democrat the important thing is you look at both candidates, what they believe in and who they really are to decide if they represent what YOU believe in."

The 70's were a different time and I was crazy blessed to have parents with the wisdom of discernment.  The news back then wasn't instantaneous and the candidates seemed to talk more about the issues and less about the other candidates personal life.  This election season has really got me down.  Both sides have their negatives.  Neither candidate is perfect but guess what????  You're not perfect either.  Today we are live in a society that is over inundated with sound bytes, news clips, Tweets and videos.  It's like society has almost succumbed to the once science fiction life portrayed by Ray Bradbury in Fahrenheit 451!  We get a micro-clip of a candidate and blow things totally out of proportion.  We begin to post things, sending messages and tweets tearing down one candidate while attempting to make the manure our candidate was walking in seem like sweet cream.

I've watched both debates, read countless articles and tried to discern truth from mud slinging.  Unfortunately the sources all seem to be biased to one side or the other.  How do I know what is true?  How do I know what is lies?  One side is horrified that the other has been caught bragging about some unsavory things, who then turns and tries to spin how the other sides husband actually did those unsavory things.  I was searching for the words to write about that very thing when lo and behold I woke yesterday to a very well written blog by my friend Cathie (C.H. Armstrong).  I asked her if it would be okay for me to link to it in my blog so here it is  Sexual Assault, By Any Other Name, Is Still Sexual Assault.  (Please read her blog and pass it on...it really needs to go viral because it is excellent!!!)

The media and the conservative christian crowd are claiming he has apologized that it is was just "locker room banter," the men boys from high school junior high are bragging that's how ALL the men talk in private and if we think our husbands are different we are wrong.  As the mother of three intelligent, beautiful, full of possibility daughters I cannot in good conscience think about voting for a man who thinks that it is okay to talk about women like that in the locker room or anywhere else.  I'm concerned it is encouraging our society to continue going down the tubes.  I don't believe that is the legacy we need to leave our children.

Just so you know, way back in that 1976 election, I cast my vote for Jimmy Carter.  I think the jelly beans may have had something to do with my first grade decision.  I know he was strongly criticized as being a "weak" president but he was a good man.  I am proud that as a child I was on the side of such a good human being.  Look at all the positive he has done in this world since he was president.  I would go so far to say he has done more good, real good, hands on, getting dirty good by working hard than any president in my lifetime.  Countless people have been crazy blessed by his perseverance and dedication to helping others.  From the Habitat for Humanity website:
A tireless champion for social justice 
As president of the United States, Jimmy Carter was deeply committed to social justice and basic human rights. He and his wife Rosalynn left the White House in search of meaningful ways to contribute in these areas.
When I cast my vote next month, I will cast it with the belief that the person I vote for will leave a similar legacy.  Sadly, we the people can't put back in the can the ugly worm that has reared it's head.

We the people
will have to heal from the bitter remarks, the fighting and the bickering.  
We the people
will have to talk to our children and teach  model for them the way they should act.
We the people
will have to live like the crazy blessed nation we really are and 
behave like good, rational people. 
We the people
 may need a few jelly beans to help us find the Jimmy Carter inside-committed
to social justice and basic human rights.  
What legacy will your vote leave?


  1. Love this blog post, Dana! Nice job! And thanks for the link back to my own -- that was really sweet of you!